Holiday Cottages in Sheringham

Since opening our new office in the perfect seaside town of Sheringham this March we have expanded our portfolio of very special hand picked holiday cottages in Sheringham and the surrounding area.  Crabpot Cottages is not about having hundreds of properties on our website for you to wade through, cross your fingers and take a chance on, each house is personally checked by us before we begin to market it and we only pick houses we would like to stay in ourselves.   That’s what makes us different.  We really can give you the personal touch.  We do not have a call centre, we not not charge booking fees and we do not over exaggerate any of our houses  We want you to be over whelmed not underwhelmed when you walk in.  

Holiday Cottages in Sheringham

One thing has struck us meeting lots of you on holiday, is that people come back year after year.  The love for this town is enormous, and is it any wonder with the huge range of activities and events organised over the year?  From January to December there is always something going on.  The latest event to be added to the calendar is the Viking Fire Festival in February.  Now I am a Viking!  My father came from Shetland where the very famous Up Helly Aa festival takes place each January, so it takes a lot for me to be impressed, but I was!  It is incredible and really captures the essence of the northern fire festivals, very exciting and a great event for children to experience.

Sheringham Fire Festival Photo Credit Experience Sheringham

The highlight of the year is the Carnival, all summer long there is something on, culminating in the Carnival Week, in August.  There is just something for everyone!

One of the strangest events is The Potty Festival, a huge gathering of Morris Dancers from all over the country.  Believe me whatever pre conceived ideas you had of Morris Dancing, forget them.  The costumes, dances and sheer joy of the weekend is fantastic.  It is one of my favourite weekends of the year!

Sheringham Potty Festival

The 1940s weekend based around the Norfolk Steam Railway is something again not to be missed.  The whole town embraces the 1940s and you really feel as if you are transported back in time.   The railway also runs Santa Specials in December and lots of Steam Galas during the whole year.  

So if you are looking for a holiday cottage in Sheringham for your well earned break, whatever the time of year, take a look at our website!  Crabpot Cottages is different. 

Our cottages that we currently have in Sheringham are

Mussel Cottage – sleeps 3 – centrally placed in the town perfect for all events.  Outside space. 

Old Bakery Mews – Sleeps 2 – pet friendly – outside space, righting centre of Sheringham

Clifton House – Sleeps 9 – Luxurious Victorian Seaside villa – parking – perfect for big family get togethers

Splashpoint – Sleeps 5 – Super cottage with terrace over looking the sea, private garden – dog friendly – well equipped.

Bird Watching Holidays in Norfolk

November in Norfolk is just so special.  It marks the beginning of the extraordinary natural phenomenon that is the annual bird migration. If you are looking for  bird watching holidays in Norfolk, you have come to the right place.

The first day I hear the honking of the geese overhead makes my heart soar.  It means, Autumn, log fires, misty dark evenings, deserted beaches, colourful woodland walks and fabulous lunches in our local pub by the fire.

The View from the sitting room at St Nicholas Cottage, overlooking the salt marsh and sea

Thousands of migratory birds take refuge along the safe harbours of the RSPB reserves along the coast at Snettisham, Titchwell and  The Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Cley Marsh.  Although you do not need to go to any of these places to observe the wildlife.  Just look up at dusk  or dawn and you will see, and hear, thousands of geese returning to roost on the safe marshes for the night, or flying off en masse to seek food in the farmers fields.  To witness a huge flock of geese dropping out of the sky down not the ground, or indeed taking off, from the fields in a fabulous uplifting sight, though the farmers may not agree as they are munching on the crops!

Sunset at RSPB reserve Snettisham

The RSPB has some events on during the season which are well worth going to, to have the expert knowledge from the warden is invaluable, and gives a real in-depth insight into the wildlife and birds.  You may be lucky enough to see a starling mumeration a captivating dance of hundreds of starlings all moving as one into intricate and wild shapes before all descending into the reeds to roost at dusk.


NWT Cley is described as possibly the premier place for birders in the UK.  The facilities for the visitor are fantastic with a wonderful observatory overlooking the marsh and a well defined boardwalk with hides along the way.  

RSPB Titchwell has the best of both worlds with a state of the art hide straddling both the freshwater and sea water lagoons, so your chances of seeing something special are doubled.

Sunset at RSPB reserve Snettisham

We have some great holiday accommodation for a bird watching holidays in Norfolk,  including St Nicholas Cottage that actually overlooks the salt marshes at Salthouse, giving a front row seat to the migration. Brancaster Cottage, right down on the salt marsh in Brancaster is again a wildlife watchers dream. you can’t get any closer to the marshes than this house.  It sleeps 2 and will accept a dog.   For amazing value The Nest in Mundesley is only £34o for a week in November and December.  It sleeps 2 and is immaculate.  For a luxurious cottage have a look at Spring Cottage in Cley next Sea, again with views over the salt marsh and a short way to the RSPB reserve in Cley.  It sleeps 4 and has two wood burners for cosy nights in.  




Super Norfolk Summer Staycation

Overstrand Beach

Well what can we say about this summer? It was perfect for a Staycation.  What a few weeks we had.  My brown toes are just starting to fade but the memories are made.

We can’t go away on holiday, for obvious reasons in the summer, so we decided to have a Staycation.  I have lived in Norfolk all my life but we found so many fabulous things to do we had never done before.  

One of my most favourite things to do is BBQ on the beach.  After a long and tiring day doing the change overs or chasing up and down the coast there is nothing better than walking down to the beach, getting your chair our, cracking open a bottle or a beer and lighting up your BBQ.  The sea was so warm this year, swimming was a joy.  The sunsets incredible, with Cromer Pier in the distance as a back drop.  Bobbing up and down in the sea whilst watching the sun drop is a memory I will never forget.  The colour of the sea at Overstrand this year rivalled the Caribbean. 

We also discovered going to Blickling Hall Park, managed by The National Trust, in the evenings after work,  most people had gone home apart from a few dog walkers or fishermen. We took our trusty chairs and a picnic and sat by the most peaceful lake, listening to the fish plop and the bees buzzing.  We saw our first King fisher, which was very exciting.  We left late in the evening as the sun was setting.  Feeling refreshed.

Blickling Lake Picnic

We discovered The Broads this year too, amazing to think we had never really been out on a boat before.  We had a wonderful day with our grown up children playing Swallows and Amazons and all having a go at driving the boat.   Watching people (including ourselves) trying to negotiate mooring a boat turned out to be comedy gold and we spent the day laughing and eating some very good food.

Blickling also held the Ibiza Prom in August which was a wonderful evening, the orchestra and vocalists were so good and the music just fitted the setting, unfortunately it was one of the rare evenings we had a shower, but it made it all the more exciting sitting huddled under the umbrella for a little while.  Dancing in the rain too!


Overstrand Beach

Our village of Overstrand also had some fabulous summer events, the village fair and the very wild RockStock held on the local cricket ground. Turned out to be a fun night on a very balmy July evening with shooting stars overhead.

I really feel we have had a holiday, even though we have worked all through the summer, Norfolk is such a special place,  there is always a space to relax and unplug, even if elsewhere the world around is crazy with traffic jams, beaches are packed and trains are full.  

Autumn now is in full swing and everything is slower again, but I can’t wait for my next Norfolk Summer Staycation.

If you are looking to book for next summer our calendars are open!








Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages Norfolk

Norfolk has got to be one of the most Dog Friendly counties you can find.  Most pubs are pretty good about letting your canine friend in to help you sup a pint of Nelsons Revenge.  Some beaches do have restrictions on in the summer months but normally it is only for a small part of the beach.  You still have miles and miles of sand to run on! And the other great news is that many of our cottages are also dog friendly.  So if you are looking for dog friendly holiday cottages Norfolk, you have come to the right place.


Probably our favourite Dog Friendly pub in the area we live in is The Gunton Arms, this truly is a destination place to come and has a real buzz about it.  to read more see our Blog all about it! Gilbert and George and a Rather Good Steak

The Gunton Arms

Another firm favourite is The Vernon Arms, at Southrepps.  Dave Rowntree the drummer from Blur frequents this place so it must be good!  The food is honest, the service great and it is a proper pub.

Beaches are another reason come to Norfolk on holiday.  And boy do we have some good ones!  everyone has heard of Wells and Brancaster but the people in the know now come round a bit further to escape the crowds.  Try Overstrand, Sheringham  or Sea Palling for a change, you wont be disappointed.  And the sea  does not disappear like it does at Brancaster!

Overstrand Beach, Dog friendly holiday cottages in Norfolk


Dog friendly days out in Norfolk include lots of the country shows like Holkham or Sandringham.  Dogs are always especially welcome at these.


The Barking Bugle is a great website which gives lots of ideas for your dog friendly days out in Norfolk

Crabpot Cottages has lots of dog friendly holiday cottages Norfolk and if you need help choosing just give us a call.  we are always happy to help.



Self Catering holidays in Norfolk – Staycation!

This year my husband had a BIG birthday.  You get to a point in your life when you slightly panic about things you haven’t done.  Like go to India or climb Kilimanjaro. I spent months dropping hints and surreptitiously asking him how he might like to mark this momentous occasion.  He is pretty easy to please but I wanted something REALLY special.  Vegas?  New York?  or The Caribbean?  I was getting no where, he would not commit to anything at all.  Then it occurred to me that all he really wanted was time, time to spend with family, time to relax and time to spend time, if you get my drift!  We have been working hard on our business and realised that although we book lots of other people self catering holidays, we have not had one ourselves for a long time. So a self catering holiday in Norfolk it was!



So the research began and I found a super property that would fit us all in.  It was going to be a surprise!  That was the hard bit.  I had to bite my tongue a few times.  I also found a brilliant chef called Emma Crowhurst who I booked to cook us a smart supper at our self catering property.  

The surprise came off and our family arrived, my husband was completely overwhelmed and a little tearful.  Which was the response I wanted! I don’t think he would have felt like that landing in New York. 

Royal Cromer Golf Club

The week was wonderful, the weather was fantastic, we played golf, watched the Royal Wedding, went to the pub, barbecued and TALKED.  We played games, croquet and boules.  It all became very competitive!  When the time came for the family to leave and we were left for the rest of the week on our own we realised that sometimes it is not about grand gestures and expensive holidays.  It is about spending time with people you love.  

So I feel very lucky to be in the business of making memories for other families with our self catering properties in Norfolk.  We aim to give you the chance to make your own memories with your families.  The staycation is very definitely here to stay, and Norfolk is one of the best places to holiday. It is relatively unspoilt and even on a busy bank holiday you will be able to find a bit of peace.

Self catering in Norfolk – Enjoy the beach!

Self catering holiday Norfolk has taken off in a big way as it gives our guests a real experience of living in Norfolk.  You have your own front door.  We at Crabpot Cottages, KNOW how important these holidays are and being small and independent can give you all the help you need to enjoy your self catering holiday in Norfolk.  Lots of our houses are dog friendly, we know your pet is part of the family too.  


Visit Norfolk website here




Cromer Crabs and Lobsters

Everyone has heard of the famous Cromer Crabs.  They are valued and prized amongst chefs all over the UK.


What makes Cromer Crabs special?  The key is the relatively shallow chalky waters off the beaches of Cromer and Sheringham, the crabs live on the chalk reef filtering in the clean and unmuddied waters giving them a sweeter and unique flavour.

Cromer Crabs have been a staple in the region for centuries.  Crabbing is still done the traditional way with pots, being carried out to sea on the little crabbing boats, you can see them bobbing up and down with the bright flags on the top so they can be found!  It is a hands on process with each crab pot being emptied by hand,  That way the fishermen can check the size of the crabs, throwing any back that are too small to fight another day.  The fishermen boil the crabs and dress them on the shore or in a few small local fish shops.  Its a real skill to dress a crab!

The crabbing industry is vital to Cromer and Sheringham and although not as busy as in days gone by, the sight of the boats and tractors used to haul the boats off the beach is a welcome sight.  

The weekend of 19/20th May this year is the annual Crab and Lobster Festival, local chefs come together to celebrate this unique food source, giving inspiration on ways to cook and use the wonderful sea food.


The UK has become a net exporter of domestic crab, with the bulk of British crabs being processed and shipped abroad for consumption in countries like Spain and France. With such a delicious local foodstuff right at our fingertips, we need to encourage local consumption, cut down food miles and enjoy this crab freshly caught and cooked! 

Crabpot Cottages has a great selection of holiday cottages in Sheringham and holiday cottages in Cromer. Cromer

It’s All Happening in Cromer

 So in June we went to our first Happening! And it Happened in Cromer. At Cromer Beach.

A Happening is a performance, event, or situation  considered art, usually as performance art. The term was first used by Allan Kaprow during the 1950s to describe a range of art-related events, often spontaneous.  To outsiders they may appear random or just plain daft but always thought provoking

The Cromer  performance was a re-enactment of a 1967 happening and was directed by arts writer and academic Sarah Lowndes, who has recently moved to Norfolk with her husband, Turner Prize winning artist Richard Wright

The Sea Concert (The Panoramic Sea Happening) by Tadeusz Kantor was first staged at Osieki on the Polish coast, with conceptual artist Edward Krasiski, who also dressed in a black tailcoat and conducted the waves from a stepladder while being watched by spectators in deckchairs from Cromer beach.

So we wandered along the beach feeling a little self conscious to be honest.  But soon we were joined by a lot more people.  Some deck chairs were unfolded and lined up, flapping in the wind and a podium was dragged into the sea.  As the tide lapped up against the podium our conductor arrived, looking respendent in black tail coat, carrying a baton.  Everyone watched as he climbed the steps and began conducting the sea!  

Children splashed about in the waves and people sat having a drink in the deck chairs watching.  It was all very exciting and….well different!  Definitely Not Normal for Norfolk.

Stairway to Heaven

Worstead Village in Norfolk has aways fascinated me.  It is the home of the original Worsted fabric. a strong woollen cloth,  woven here by the Flemish settlers who settled here in medieval times.

Some of the prosperous Merchants houses still survive today as do some of the original weavers cottages, with their large rooms, big enough to house the 12 foot looms of their trade.  Weaving ceased here in the late 1880s when the large commercial clattering mills of the industrial North took over the once peaceful trade of weaving.  Plentiful supplies of coal fuelled the huge weaving sheds, taking the production of cloth to another level.


At the centre of Worsted village is the church. It is enormous.  An impressive building with wonderful huge windows.  I sat for ages inside watching the beautiful changing light from all sides.   It was quite magical.  A lot of the Victorian pews have been taken out so the sense of space is enchanting.  I don’t know anything about church interiors but this one just sung to me.  The paintings on the screens, the gargoyles and the most incredibly long ladder I have ever seen.  It truly looks like a stairway to heaven.

I guess it is for cleaning the massive windows, and it looks as if it has been there a long time.  

Each year Worsted hosts a village festival which is very well attended.  It showcases many rural past times plus lots of good food and music.  This year it is on the  29/30th July and is well worth a visit.

There is a village trail you can follow which allows a glimpse into the village’s historical past.   The village pub with it’s enigmatic name The White Lady serves great food and prides itself on serving well kept beers and ales.  Worth a stop off for lunch!




Jurassic Perks


The fastest crumbling coastline of our island shores is giving up it’s secrets.  We have all heard of The Jurassic Coast in Dorset but the finds that are being unearthed along The Deep History Coast of Norfolk are surpassing everything.  The soft cliffs between Runton and Happisburgh, taking in Cromer, Overstrand and Mundesley are revealing that Norfolk was once connected to the continent with forests, woolly mammoths, sabre toothed tigers and spotted hyenas roaming the area.   Rare fossils of the above have all been discovered.  Including the famous almost complete skeleton of a Steppe Mammoth found in West Runton in 1990.  

The gradual coastal erosion and significant tidal activity over the past decade have revealed the era to be of a more historical significance than the sites in the south.    

Very exciting plans for the future to allow visitors a more hands on and interactive experience, so we can see that landscape as it once was through touch points, and virtual reality technology is ongoing

The project is being led by curators at Norfolk Museums Service (NMS) with the help of regional tourism experts and county council staff responsible for Norfolk trails,

One of the most incredible discoveries were the fossilised footprints of the earliest know human beings, 850,000 years ago!  These were uncovered by a particularly high tide causing international excitement.  Nothing this early had ever been discovered outside of Africa. Flint tools dating back 550,000 years ago have also been found in the cliffs.

What an incredible place to visit and discover for yourself.

So wouldn’t you like to follow in the footsteps of the earliest tourists to Norfolk and discover this wonderful coastline for yourself?

A new reason to visit Norfolk…

Autumnal Musings

Today was quite magical.  It is the end of the third week of October, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it is warm.  The outside was calling, after all you have to take advantage of anything above 10 degrees in October. I headed for Felbrigg Hall.  It is probably my most favourite place to visit, in any season, but Autumn is especially wonderfuldsc_0293


The House itself is owned by The National Trust and woods are free to enter all year around, subject to a parking fee of £2.00 (free if you are a NT member)  You never see many folk in the woods, it is peaceful and the wildlife I saw today was amazing.  Squirrels hunting and clambering about in the trees, Jays, Woodpeckers and all manner of birdlife carousing in the trees, mushrooms and toadstools poking up from the leaf mould, a deer here and there peeking shyly out from the dying bracken.  It was all just very magical.dsc_0296

 The trees around the house are quite dark, yews and firs.  They look quite menacing to my over active brain today.  A bit like entering Narnia before the house comes into view through the trees. They give way to the more soft and rustling beeches, just starting to turn a russet brown which will soon turn to the magnificent copper and fiery hues of late autumn.  I wondered who C L was, they carved their initials into one of the beech trees in 1959


The Hall itself is not huge, it is a manageable size house, one you could almost imagine living in yourself.  Being always curious of doors marked private I booked myself into the Cellars and Attics tour, which was fascinating.  At one point you could peer up at the people walking in the state rooms through the cracks in the floorboards, the dust falling into your eyes.  What an exciting place to be!  The attics had a bit more sinister secret to tell.  One of the bedrooms was decorated in a rather vivid green printed wallpaper.  It was said that the two occupants of the room, spinster sisters of the owner, developed a terrible illness and subsequently died.  It was later discovered the wallpaper was printed using arsenic!  The attics house all manner of boxes and cupboards.  I wanted to open all of them!  Redundant taxidermy, trunks with clothing in, and countless paintings and old photographs.  It is currently being sifted through. Who knows what treasures they might unearth.  

The Orangery outside is again a very tranquil place with evidence of passed prized specimens.  At the moment there is a large model of the hall, it looks decidedly haunting!


Last pitstop before heading the the tea room was the second hand book shop.  Not as vast as the one at Blickling Hall but equally as fascinating.  I bought three books including a wonderfully illustrated first edition on London for £1!


I would throughly recommend you visit the Hall, there is also a perfect walled garden, which really comes into its own in the spring time.


Felbrigg Hall









The Studio


Sleeps 2 (Bedrooms: 1)



Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)



Sleeps 7 (Bedrooms: 4)

Tern House


Sleeps 6 (Bedrooms: 3)

The Nest


Sleeps 2 (Bedrooms: 1)



Sleeps 5 (Bedrooms: 2)

Mussel Cottage


Sleeps 3 (Bedrooms: 2)

Old Bakery Mews


Sleeps 2 (Bedrooms: 1)

Cockle Cottage


Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)

The Crabpot


Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)

The Lobsterpot


Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)

St Nicholas Cottage -Salthouse


Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)

Clifton House – Sheringham


Sleeps 9 (Bedrooms: 5)

Brancaster Cottage


Sleeps 2 (Bedrooms: 1)

Little Saltings


Sleeps 8 (Bedrooms: 4)

Spring Cottage

Cley next the Sea

Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)

The Anchorage


Sleeps 4 (Bedrooms: 2)

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