Cromer Crabs and Lobsters

Everyone has heard of the famous Cromer Crabs.  They are valued and prized amongst chefs all over the UK.

What makes Cromer Crabs special?  The key is the relatively shallow chalky waters off the beaches of Cromer and Sheringham, the crabs live on the chalk reef filtering in the clean and unmuddied waters giving them a sweeter and unique flavour.

Cromer Crabs have been a staple in the region for centuries.  Crabbing is still done the traditional way with pots, being carried out to sea on the little crabbing boats, you can see them bobbing up and down with the bright flags on the top so they can be found!  

It is a hands on process with each crab pot being emptied by hand,  That way the fishermen can check the size of the crabs, throwing any back that are too small to fight another day.  The fishermen boil the crabs and dress them on the shore or in a few small local fish shops.  Its a real skill to dress a crab!

The crabbing industry is vital to Cromer and Sheringham and although not as busy as in days gone by, the sight of the boats and tractors used to haul the boats off the beach is a welcome sight.  

The weekend of 19/20th May this year is the annual Crab and Lobster Festival, local chefs come together to celebrate this unique food source, giving inspiration on ways to cook and use the wonderful sea food.

The UK has become a net exporter of domestic crab, with the bulk of British crabs being processed and shipped abroad for consumption in countries like Spain and France. With such a delicious local foodstuff right at our fingertips, we need to encourage local consumption, cut down food miles and enjoy this crab freshly caught and cooked! 

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