It’s All Happening in Cromer

 So in June we went to our first Happening! And it Happened in Cromer. At Cromer Beach.

A Happening is a performance, event, or situation  considered art, usually as performance art. The term was first used by Allan Kaprow during the 1950s to describe a range of art-related events, often spontaneous.  To outsiders they may appear random or just plain daft but always thought provoking

The Cromer  performance was a re-enactment of a 1967 happening and was directed by arts writer and academic Sarah Lowndes, who has recently moved to Norfolk with her husband, Turner Prize winning artist Richard Wright

The Sea Concert (The Panoramic Sea Happening) by Tadeusz Kantor was first staged at Osieki on the Polish coast, with conceptual artist Edward Krasiski, who also dressed in a black tailcoat and conducted the waves from a stepladder while being watched by spectators in deckchairs from Cromer beach.

So we wandered along the beach feeling a little self conscious to be honest.  But soon we were joined by a lot more people.  Some deck chairs were unfolded and lined up, flapping in the wind and a podium was dragged into the sea.  As the tide lapped up against the podium our conductor arrived, looking respendent in black tail coat, carrying a baton.  Everyone watched as he climbed the steps and began conducting the sea!  

Children splashed about in the waves and people sat having a drink in the deck chairs watching.  It was all very exciting and….well different!  Definitely Not Normal for Norfolk.