Owning a Holiday Cottage in Norfolk

Many people dream of owning their own little holiday cottage in Norfolk

To have the freedom of just getting in your car on a Friday night and leaving the rat race behind you to relax and walk on a windswept beach.  North Norfolk has become a real hot spot for holiday cottage ownership giving birth to a whole new era of Tourism.   I guess you can really call it a Cottage Industry.  

Cockle Cottage in Cromer

Cockle Cottage in Cromer

It is of course a double edged sword with many locals feeling they are being pushed out of areas that their families have historically lived in for many years.  

But being a local person myself I have seen over the years a steady decline in the rural industries and jobs that kept people the villages so that young folk naturally migrated to the larger towns and cities of the county to find work.  My own children have moved to Norwich where the jobs they are qualified in, are to be found.

Of course Tourism is nothing new to the area, in fact Cromer, Overstrand and many other resorts would not exist as we know them today if it were not for the intrepid Victorians and their quest for the clean air of the coast.  They laid the railway lines and built the hotels and piers.  Overstrand in the early 1900s was known as The Village of Millionaires due to the number of holiday homes built there. 

We get many people calling in to have a chat about holiday home ownership and are always happy to help and give advice. but the best bit of advice is buy something YOU love and then hopefully someone else will too!  

There are no corners that can be cut in holiday home ownership, everything has to be perfect and work.  Gone are the days when you could put Granny’s old bits and pieces in and not make the beds!  Having said that you don’t have to spend a fortune, it is great to see a bit of originality in a property rather than it being just a show room clone.

Crabpot Cottages are pretty fussy about the cottages we market, so our potential guests can book with confidence that our standard is maintained.   If you have an interesting property that you think will fit our criteria don’t hesitate to get in touch!