Self Catering holidays in Norfolk – Staycation!

This year my husband had a BIG birthday.  You get to a point in your life when you slightly panic about things you haven’t done.  Like go to India or climb Kilimanjaro. I spent months dropping hints and surreptitiously asking him how he might like to mark this momentous occasion.  He is pretty easy to please but I wanted something REALLY special.  Vegas?  New York?  or The Caribbean?  

I was getting no where, he would not commit to anything at all.  Then it occurred to me that all he really wanted was time, time to spend with family, time to relax and time to spend time, if you get my drift!  

We have been working hard on our business and realised that although we book lots of other people self catering holidays, we have not had one ourselves for a long time. So a self catering holiday in Norfolk it was!

So the research began and I found a super property that would fit us all in.  It was going to be a surprise!  That was the hard bit.  I had to bite my tongue a few times.  I also found a brilliant chef called Emma Crowhurst who I booked to cook us a smart supper at our self catering property.  

The surprise came off and our family arrived, my husband was completely overwhelmed and a little tearful.  Which was the response I wanted! I don’t think he would have felt like that landing in New York. 

Royal Cromer Golf Club

The week was wonderful, the weather was fantastic, we played golf, watched the Royal Wedding, went to the pub, barbecued and TALKED.  We played games, croquet and boules.  It all became very competitive!  

When the time came for the family to leave and we were left for the rest of the week on our own we realised that sometimes it is not about grand gestures and expensive holidays.  It is about spending time with people you love.  

So I feel very lucky to be in the business of making memories for other families with our self catering properties in Norfolk.  We aim to give you the chance to make your own memories with your families.  

The staycation is very definitely here to stay, and Norfolk is one of the best places to holiday. It is relatively unspoilt and even on a busy bank holiday you will be able to find a bit of peace.

Self catering in Norfolk – Enjoy the beach!

Self catering holiday Norfolk has taken off in a big way as it gives our guests a real experience of living in Norfolk.  You have your own front door.  We at Crabpot Cottages, KNOW how important these holidays are and being small and independent can give you all the help you need to enjoy your self catering holiday in Norfolk.  Lots of our houses are dog friendly, we know your pet is part of the family too.  

For much more, great information about this wonderful county head to the Visit Norfolk website.