Self Catering Norfolk – your Self Catering Holiday to Norfolk

Lots of families this year are opting to stay in the UK for their holidays, and who can blame them?  With illness, war and the dreaded Brexit I think we are a little weary.  We have the most diverse, wonderful, historical, beautiful, country to live in and what better way to explore it than to rent a self catering cottage.

Norfolk is an amazing place to visit for a self catering holiday, it has everything.  It boasts the driest weather in the UK, it has an incredible coastline, cliffs to salt marsh to sandy family beach to stony wild surfing beach. Ancient woodlands and National Trust properties abound and our restaurants and pubs are second to none in providing local and artisan foods.

The salt marshes are a haven for wild life and a secret and wild wilderness ready to explore.

Here at Crabpot Cottages we have a wealth of experience in providing the perfect self catering holiday to Norfolk.  We do not set out to have hundreds of properties, we don’t believe for one minute that someone who has never been to the property and is sitting in a call centre miles away, can offer you the best advice.  We live locally, and know the place inside out!

So what to expect from your self catering cottage?  Well for a start you have to understand this is not a hotel experience you are buying.  There probably won’t be a choice of different pillows, or bathrobes (though some cottages do provide these), there won’t be an inexhaustible supply of loo rolls, or maybe toiletries (though, again, some properties do offer these).  

What you can expect from a Crabpot Cottage is a beautifully presented property, well maintained and looked after, a safe environment for your holiday and advice on what to do in the area.  Our reviews often say ‘the property was so clean’  Whilst this is a great review, surely you should take it as read, the the property you have spent your hard earned money on, will be clean!   Larger companies do not have the capabilities to inspect houses on a regular basis, we can do this.   A welcome pack will be left for you, sometimes wine or local produce and there will be facilities to make a cup of tea or coffee.  

Having a holiday in a self catering property gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, cook when you want and enjoy the area on a much more personal level.  You are after all staying in someones house.  If you have children you can relax in the evenings when they have gone to bed, sit in the garden and enjoy a glass of wine or a BBQ.

The Lobsterpot Holiday cottage Overstrand

The Lobsterpot Holiday cottage Overstrand

More and more people are choosing a self catering holiday to Norfolk,  and if you are considering it, check our properties out knowing you can book with confidence that we have been there! Our slogan is Holiday Like a Local, and we will help you get the most from your Norfolk self catering holiday.