Super Norfolk Summer Staycation

Overstrand Beach

Well what can we say about this summer? It was perfect for a Staycation.  What a few weeks we had.  My brown toes are just starting to fade but the memories are made.

We can’t go away on holiday, for obvious reasons in the summer, so we decided to have a Staycation.  I have lived in Norfolk all my life but we found so many fabulous things to do we had never done before.  

One of my most favourite things to do is BBQ on the beach.  After a long and tiring day doing the change overs or chasing up and down the coast there is nothing better than walking down to the beach, getting your chair our, cracking open a bottle or a beer and lighting up your BBQ.  The sea was so warm this year, swimming was a joy.  The sunsets incredible, with Cromer Pier in the distance as a back drop.  Bobbing up and down in the sea whilst watching the sun drop is a memory I will never forget.  The colour of the sea at Overstrand this year rivalled the Caribbean. 

We also discovered going to Blickling Hall Park, managed by The National Trust, in the evenings after work,  most people had gone home apart from a few dog walkers or fishermen. We took our trusty chairs and a picnic and sat by the most peaceful lake, listening to the fish plop and the bees buzzing.  We saw our first King fisher, which was very exciting.  We left late in the evening as the sun was setting.  Feeling refreshed.

Blickling Lake Picnic

We discovered The Broads this year too, amazing to think we had never really been out on a boat before.  We had a wonderful day with our grown up children playing Swallows and Amazons and all having a go at driving the boat.   Watching people (including ourselves) trying to negotiate mooring a boat turned out to be comedy gold and we spent the day laughing and eating some very good food.

Blickling also held the Ibiza Prom in August which was a wonderful evening, the orchestra and vocalists were so good and the music just fitted the setting, unfortunately it was one of the rare evenings we had a shower, but it made it all the more exciting sitting huddled under the umbrella for a little while.  Dancing in the rain too!

Overstrand Beach

Our village of Overstrand also had some fabulous summer events, the village fair and the very wild RockStock held on the local cricket ground. Turned out to be a fun night on a very balmy July evening with shooting stars overhead.

I really feel we have had a holiday, even though we have worked all through the summer, Norfolk is such a special place,  there is always a space to relax and unplug, even if elsewhere the world around is crazy with traffic jams, beaches are packed and trains are full.  

Autumn now is in full swing and everything is slower again, but I can’t wait for my next Norfolk Summer Staycation.

If you are looking to book for next summer our calendars are open!